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Salt Purification System

Salt is a natural element that is a part of our everyday life. It’s in our bodies, our homes and in the earth.

Salt has a multitude of uses. It can be used as a preservative and to purify and soften our drinking water. It can also be used as an alternative to chlorination, ammonia, and other harsh chemicals which have been more typically used to purify swimming pool water. The salt purification system is environmentally friendly and is a healthier process with therapeutic benefits. No more red eyes, no more rotting swimsuits, and no skin irritants or hair damage.

A salt system is easier to manage in comparison to chlorine. Chlorine needs to be monitored and is used with balancing and other chemicals.

Since 1976, AutoPilot has been the leading technology in salt generation. It’s available for all pool sizes. Purchasing an AutoPilot ensures your pool is “swim ready” at any time. The salt purification not only makes your water smooth to the touch, but you’ll feel like you spent the day at a spa!

There are many benefits to using Arista’s Digital Pool Pilot Salt Purification System, such as:

  • low-cost maintenance
  • resolves most chemical imbalance
  • no chlorine smell
  • healthier for your skin and hair
  • no deterioration to swim suits and towels
  • continues to sanitize your pool, even while you’re away on vacation

Ozone System

Ozone is a superior pool oxidizer. Unlike sanitizers that kill the bacteria, plant life and viruses, oxidizers burn up any organic matter. They effectively eliminate a large variety of pool contaminants—cosmetics, and human fluids, to name a few.

A very low dose of bromine or chlorine used with ozone produces an excellent water quality. Like the salt purification system, the water looks, smells, and feels great. The only byproduct of an ozone system is oxygen.

Ozone is inexpensive and safe for your family. Because this system does not rely on testing and chemical balancing, it is maintenance free and costs very little money and time. It is important that the right system is selected and properly installed. Arista can provide your family with a well-designed ozone system, one that is the best value for your money.

Freshwater Systems

Freshwater systems provide the protection that your family needs by eliminating all bacteria. Swimmers will enjoy a comfortable environment, free of eye and ear infections, hair damage, odors, and many other issues associated with chemical systems. The water clarity is excellent. It is gentle to the touch. Freshwater is especially freeing to those who suffer from asthma, sinus and allergies, allowing them to swim for long periods with no adverse effect to their health.

Similar to Salt and Ozone systems, freshwater has a cost advantage and reduced maintenance due to the elimination of chlorine and toxic chemicals. In addition, it is very gentle on the pool surface—no staining or bleaching. The non-corrosive elements of this system result in reduced upkeep, pumps, filters, pipes, and other parts last far longer, reducing the cost associated with replacement.

Deciding on the Best System for your Family

Arista Pools can guide you in your decision on the best purification system for your lifestyle and needs. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation!

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