Swimming Pool Waterfalls and Poolscapes by Arista Pools

The landscape and all the individual elements that go into your swimming pool and surrounding area is sometimes referred to as the poolscape. During the design process, and with your input, Arista identifies and coordinates those special elements that make for a beautiful and unique space.

swimming pool waterfalls and poolscapes The hardscape elements such as pathways, stairways, walls, driveways, and entryways define the specific configuration and layout of the pool site. Additional elements such as courtyards, patios, and other outdoor living areas are also considered as we work on the overall design of your poolscape. Arista can make suggestions about complimentary water features such as waterfalls, pottery, arbors, trellises, and other details that provide visual interest.

Going the extra step that is a hallmark of any Arista undertaking, we also consider the natural elements of the site: trees, shrubbery, and other plantings. These elements use a combination of life, light, color, and texture to create and refine the atmosphere of the site. We help you to design a pool that will enhance the beauty that Mother Nature has already provided.

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