Inground Pools by Arista Pool and Spa

Pool Costs, Smart Choices

When it comes to buying an in ground pool, the pool costs are only part of the equation. Shoppers need to understand:

  • How the addition of a pool will affect the resale value of a home
  • How much pool and landscaping is “just right”
  • How much time and energy does it take to maintain a pool
  • How the family plans to use the pool

Resale and Appeal

Even if you don’t plan to sell, how a pool would affect the value and resale appeal of your home are important considerations. In some neighborhoods, a swimming pool can set one house apart from all the rest. Like most home improvement projects, it is unlikely that a pool will recoup all or most of its costs. The exception to this is in higher-priced homes where a pool is standard fare. In fact, in a community where an in ground pool is common, it could be a disadvantage not to have one. It’s a selling point that will get a house sold more quickly. That said, if you’re like most of us, buying an inground pool is unlike adding an additional bath. Buying a pool is a lifestyle choice—one that comes with increased physical activity and endless hours of entertainment. People add a pool for its many benefits.

Shrewd Pool Design

Know how much pool your house can handle. Avoid designs that are unlike the rest of the house and property and that are "taste-specific". Personal choices may provide immediate gratification, but can feel “dated” very quickly and are difficult to sell. A good pool contractor will guide you in your choices, designing a pool that is spectacular, tasteful, and harmonious to its surroundings.

Maintaining Your Pool

Less time on maintenance means more time enjoying the pool. Today, keeping your pool clean and bacteria-free is as effortless as it is important. A Robotic pool cleaner such as the Aquabot Turbo T4 is considered among the most powerful and a best buy! It removes debris and algae to two microns, is self-contained with an automatic shut-off and four-way remote control. The Polris 3900 model is another favorite of Arista Pool customers. Another great buy, its power and large canister capacity make it efficient and convenient to use.

Ambient (air) heat systems are easy on the pocketbook and energy efficient, creating more heat per unit than natural gas, LP gas or oil. Running the pump at non-peak hours are a way to reduce costs by taking advantage of lower rates. No matter the heating system you select, you can further lower costs with the use of a solar blanket. They are a way to minimize evaporation and help to lower costs by trapping the heat.

Best Materials for your Money

Concrete pool decks with exposed aggregate can give an in ground pool a very dramatic effect and offers endless custimization possibilities. The cost is reasonable considering its longevity and durability. The process requires very few materials, with the exception of the decorative aggregate of course. In addition, the pebble finish is a great decking choice due to its “slip resistant” surface.

On the opposite end of the cost and durability spectrum are fiberglass shells, including those with vinyl liners. These have a lower initial cost, but replacement costs add up down the road and for the life of the pool. In general, it will become necessary to replace the liner and coping (edging) every 10 or more years. When selling you home, you shouldn't be surprised when the buyer requests that the liner be replaced regardless of its age.

What you see on the surface is what most pool buyers think about—and for good reason. The look is what you live with. But the structural materials and expertise that goes into building a pool is often overlooked, and where some pool builders cut corners to maximize their profits. Not so with Arista Pools. Beginning with a thorough excavation, to their use of superior half-inch rebar, use of high-grade steel and tie wire, and plumbing and electrical work that exceeds industry standards, this is what goes into every one of Arista's pools. Arista does not use the cheaper, ready mix concrete that results in a weaker, defective product. These are just a few of the details that set them apart. Watch “The Arista Difference” video for more details.

Choices for Your Lifestyle

Tanning shelves, waterfalls, hot tubs, slides, landscaping, fiber optic lighting, swim jets—the list is literally endless. The therapeutic quality of water, the fun factor and a pool’s ability to bring families together are what buyers want most.

Pool Quotes are Free

Well, what are you waiting for? Talking to a pool specialist is among the best bargains. Consult with the experts. Contact Arista Pools today for a free quote. Consultations are free.

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