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Most of our clients result from referrals. We take pride in that. The materials, workmanship, components and standards by which we create a custom inground pool far surpass those of other pool contractors. We take pride in that as well.

Limiting the number of projects we accomplish in a season, allows us to focus on the needs of the customer and devote more time to the details. That extra time spent in the pool construction process is necessary when you’re building a pool that is structurally sound and dependable—one that will last for generations. Having our own in-house landscaping crew using top-performance equipment has allowed us to finely tune our excavation and plumbing techniques. Our filtration flow systems are energy efficient and easily maintained—costing just a fraction of other systems—and saving our customers time and money.

Pool Contractors When you view the beautiful inground swimming pools in our gallery, don’t jump to the conclusion that you could never afford us. You determine the budget that meets your needs and we’ll design a quality custom pool that fits those parameters. Once our professional designer measures, sketches and takes pictures of the potential pool site, we present you with a custom-designed plan free of charge. It will be a plan that fits your budget and your family’s needs. We trust that you’ll select Arista Pool & Spa—the best of the swimming pool contractors.

5 questions the other swimming pool contractors hope you never ask...

Q #1How many weeks/months will it take to have the pool design staff draw up blueprints, site plans, etc., necessary for my township to begin the permit process?

A #1 Arista plans the entire pool construction process, taking into account such things as slopes, swales, existing utility lines and cabling. We act immediately--normally the same week that you place your order.

Q #2 How many weeks thereafter can the township take to give final approval to the project?

A #2 Arista gets the site work into the township in days, not weeks. Keep in mind that some townships require special topographical surveys.

Q #3During pool construction, who is responsible for removing excess debris and cleaning up my yard?

A #3Some swimming pool contractors have no plan for dealing with the inevitable mess of a pool construction project. In stark contrast, Arista doesn’t consider the project complete until all the debris is removed. In each and every case, we meticulously smooth and grade the affected area. Depending on the customer’s taste, lifestyle and needs, we offer a wide variety of services that range from seed and sod to more elaborate landscaping.

Q #4 How do you compare pricing from different swimming pool contractors?

A #4 Comparing price quotes can be tricky at best. The same product can be made with varying degrees of craftsmanship and materials that in the end will affect the quality and duration of the pool. For example, what you can’t see by comparing quotes is that Arista devotes the right amount of time to compacting, grading and other preparations which can result in a more solid decking. This decking is far less likely to separate from the pool due to shifting and settling. Typical pool companies use inferior 3/8th inch rebar to cut corners and trim their costs. Arista uses superior high-tensile strength 1/2 inch rebar throughout with additional reinforcements in the highest stress areas. From materials to craftsmanship to warranty, comparing Arista to other swimming pool contractors is like comparing a Rolex Watch to a Timex. View “The Arista Difference” video to see exactly what you get for your money when you choose Arista Pool & Spa.

Q #5 Who is in charge of architectural satisfaction?

A #5 At Arista, we work closely with the customer to ensure that their vision of a backyard retreat becomes a reality. Customers generally understand that every phase of the project requires a high degree of skill. What they may not understand is that it also requires a high degree of artistry. Each task of the project is carefully controlled and implemented. We use high-grade materials, time-tested techniques and craftsmen who are the best in their trade. We understand the aesthetic goals as well as what it takes to achieve them—proper installation, high quality materials, and the highest standards for electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems. Our clients demand the finest and we’ve consistently delivered a product that is spectacular, innovative and stylish.

There are many things to consider in order to make the right decision. To help you make an informed decision, we invite you to contact Arista Pool & Spa —the best of the swimming pool contractors.

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