Pool Construction Process

The first step in the pool construction process is to create a plan that incorporates the clientís personal style and vision with the existing landscape, considering every detailóboth technical and aesthetic. In order to develop a close working relationship with each and every client, Arista limits the number of projects it takes on. This close working relationship ensures a beautiful, functional inground swimming pool and sets us apart from the other pool contractors.

Pool Design

A great pool design not only enhances the existing site but eliminates natureís flaws and deficiencies. Aristaís professionals use their full range of talents and experience to address each and every issue including slopes, terrain, drainage and retaining walls. The final product brings together all of the technical elements without sacrificing the aesthetic ones.

We believe your new inground swimming pool should raise the value of your property and be the focal point of your backyard. A good design takes into account how it will look summer, fall, winter, and spring. It considers your familyís privacy needs, and, of course, the look that you envisioned.

Construction of the Pool Shell

The first stage of the pool building process is the excavation, carefully considering any drainage and site conditions. Unlike competitors, who hire an excavation contractor for half a day, Arista believes in a thorough excavation. This additional time spent compacting and grading results in a more solid decking surface that is less likely to separate from the pool due to shifting or settling. This extra care during the excavation phase sets the quality standards for the rest of the construction process.

Next, ironworkers fabricate the steel reinforcement cage by bending and tying steel rebar. A grid pattern is used to strengthen the gunite pool shell. Typical swimming pool companies will use only a 3/8" rebar to cut corners and trim their costs. At Arista we use superior 1/2" rebar through the entire pool and add a four nexus bond beam which quadruples rebar in the areas of highest stress. The steel grade used by Arista also has a high tensile strength which increases durability. Competitors use a softer, lower grade steel. While inexpensive and lucrative for those builders, this inferior product compromises the strength and integrity of the pool. It often goes unnoticed for years before the instability and weak structure of the installation becomes apparent. The quality materials and processes used in Aristaís pool construction are proven to stand up to the harsh winters of Pennsylvania.

Plumbing and Electrical

Once the cage is in place, we begin the interior plumbing phase. All of our equipment is plumbed on concrete platforms that are poured onsite by Arista. Because we do not use weak prefabricated platforms, the risk of settlement and pipe fracturing is eliminated. Another delicate component, the electrical conduit, is installed 18 inches underground to protect it from weather exposure and other damage. Just like our steel reinforcement, our plumbing and electrical work, exceeds industry standards. Itís a plumbing system that is hydraulically balanced and well-planned that can mean the difference between an affordable and easy to maintain pool and one that drains away any savings. This is why Arista guides every client to ensure that even hidden, long-term costs are considered.

Once the plumbing is installed, we inspect the shell and all electrical connections. After this groundwork is set and each phase completed to perfection, the swimming pool is finally ready for a gunite application. The gunite phase requires as much skill as the prior ones; and Aristaís crew are the best in the industry.

Gunite Application

To build the pool shell, Arista uses a dry gunite concrete application method. This method allows us to bring our own high-grade materials to the job site. We mix the components as needed and inject water to achieve an optimal hydration between the sand and cement. We do not use the less effective but cheaper wet mix shotcrete that is supplied by local ready-mix plants. Often such ready-mix will contain too much water or even be partially cured from the excessive wait time in the mixer truck. These errors result in weaker, defective concrete. Engineers have confirmed that concrete with lower water content is stronger.

Decking, Coping, and Interior Pool Finishes

For decking and coping, we offer flagstone, travertine, granite, brick, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, plain concrete, and much more. We also offer a variety of interior inground pool finishes. One distinguished finish is PebbleSheen. PebbleSheen pool finish adds sophisticated elegance to the natural brilliance and durability of a pebble finish. The pebbles are lightly buffed for a fine texture feel that is gentle on even the most sensitive feet. This lovely finish comes with unparalleled stain resistance and 16 distinct color choices. Each produces a dazzling spectrum of colors as the sunlight reflects off the surface. Other finishes are available and the combinations of tile, coping, and pool interior are as unlimited.

Click here to view our large selection of freeze-resistent tile selections.

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Click here for information and photo samples of pool interior finishes (marcite).

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Arista uses the finest materials and latest technology throughout the entire pool construction process. Our inground pools are built to your specifications and are built to last a lifetime. To request more information about a customized "total swimming environment," please let us hear from you. Contact Arista Pool & Spa Inc about your pool construction project.

Pool Construction Site Photos

Use of stones in pool building process

Arista uses a substantial amount of stone under a pool. This allows the pool to drain and relieves it of underground hydrostatic pressure. Many of Arista's competitors use no stone at all.

Steel rebar used in pool building process

Pictured is the steel reinforcement grid. Our steel is a substantially heavier rebar than competitors use and provides extra tensile strength to our concrete/gunite pool.

Covering work site

Threat of rain! This photo shows us covering the dug-out pool with a plastic canvas to prevent a mucky work site. Who but Arista would take such care?

Gunite used in pool construction

Flash gunite is structurally engineered to be used in building bridges. There is nothing stronger and Arista uses nothing less in its pool construction.

Curing of gunite shell in pool building process

The curing period inside a gunite shell prior to the final finish being applied.

Pool interior finishes

Pool interior finishes are available in many luxurious looks.

Finished pool

This final pool construction photo shows coping, tile, and walkway. Just add water---and your family!

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